Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Some Painting

Bells likes to have a picture of the 3 of Us on her night stand right next to her bed. She was cleaning her room the other day and her picture frame accidentally broke. She was very upset because she broke it and that she wouldn't be able to see us when she went to bed or if she woke up at night. 
While she went to practice for the Primary Program, we went to find a picture frame that she could make her own. 

She was very excited and couldn't wait to add a splash of "Bells" to the picture frame. 

Her first choice of color was yellow. 
(notice the awesome backyard swing and gazebo Miah built)

She is concentrating really hard in this shot. I think she gets that from Grandma Tiger, the whole sticking out the tongue when making art thing. 

I was trying to give her the bigger brushes but she wouldn't take them. She wanted to cover each and every spot differently, one section at a time. I love her for that.

This is her explaining to me, every spot needs its own color. Every little spot Mommy. 

This girl loves the color Pink!

It is pretty much finished at the shot. Letting it dry was the hard part. 
Then she placed her picture of us in it and put in next to her bed. 

I love this age so much. She knows what she likes and how she likes to make art her own. 
I can just sit back and watch this beautiful little girl enjoy life.
I joined a running club, which pretty much rocks!
The other day, somebody was talking about records and accomplishments. I was teasing her about it, she said I know you have records and accomplishments but you aren't saying answer

Oh I do and the best are waiting for me at home. My husband and daughter are my biggest and proudest accomplishments. Nothing else compares. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Skirts Are Life

As you  may know I have a tomboy of a daughter. Her love for dinosaurs, pirates, dragons and super heroes are just the beginning. What I love about her is how much she loves skirts. 
She will play rough and tough but have a skirt on. I really believe she just likes how free they are and with the temperatures still being in the 110 degree range, they feel nice. 
She grows and grows and never stops. Clothes are way too expensive these days and seriously, you can pay a lot less by just making them yourself. Plus they get to be self designed. 
I had made her a skirt awhile ago and she would wear it every day. She paired it with her favorite shirt that reminded her of Hawaii. I decided it was a great excuse to hit Jo-Ann Fabrics!

Both of us fell in the love with the circle skirt. A very simple skirt and you can bust out a few in an hour. I have made myself one and her a few. The choice of fabric is endless.  She likes the silks, they flow and spin nicely. 

Here is a link to a tutorial if you want to try-

The first one is a white with white dots, kinda hard to tell. I wanted one that she can match with anything, even spiderman. 
As you can tell, being just cotton, it also spins nicely. 
I decided to take pictures through out a week and a half of all her skirts. 
She actually didn't mind the idea of me following her around with a camera every once in awhile. 

Her first and favorite. It is silk and of course has blue, which she picked because it was her Daddy's favorite color. You can even play dodge ball while wearing a skirt!

Her favorite outfit, circle blue skirt with her hawaiian shirt. 

Now for the jersey skirt. I don't have a pattern, I just made it up as I went. 
I have had 3 amazing colors of jersey knit fabrics for about 2 years. They are so soft and silky. 
She is a punk! 
(I love this front porch decoration!) 
Once again I grabbed spare wood from Miah's pile and added some screws and painted a nice aloha!
It helps put a smile on my face as I walk into the house. 

These jersey skirts I believe are my favorite. They can be dressed up or down. I love them!

A blue jersey skirt. She loves to skateboard! 

A white and blue dotted circle skirt. 

More spinning, she just cant get enough of it. 

I really do enjoy this fabric a lot. 

The last of the jersey. I love this green and this is by far the silkiest knit I have ever touched!
She helped me deliver some mail in this cute little outfit. 

Perfect for playing hopscotch!
Look how well the fabric moves with her!

She is a monster at hopscotch!

Nice action shot, huh?!

At first I wasn't sure if a black would make her look gothic or not but I went with it and I really like it. 
It is black but it has swirls and it is adorable! 

Do you like her Ninja Turtle slippers? 
She does!
Like an everyday kind of love. 

My other favorite! A plaid with gray, white and black. So cute!

I was so excited with the jersey knit fabrics because I had just enough to make us matching skirts with all three. She loved it more than I did. The other day she wanted to match. Miah was so proud!

I love my spunky ninja turtle skirt wearing kid!
She really is such a blessing to this family.
Now it is time to go make yourself some skirts!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

We needed some family, friends and of course BOWLING time. 
I will not even get into how hard it is to find a bowling alley around here. 
I will give you two words and if you know anything about bowling, you will understand why...
1. Retirement Community
2. Friday Night

We did find an alley though. 
We had so much fun too. It was definitely needed. I am so lucky my parents brought my down my bowling balls and shoes. I never had to pay for bowling growing up, not because I was a kid and parents usually pay for things but because my family practically lived at the bowling alley. 
I'm not sure if bowling has always been this expensive or if the prices has gone up.
But yikes, the cost of the lanes and shoes are crazy!

Miah and I are both very competitive and he knew I bowled growing up but he thought he was good. 
In his world, he was good. In a bowlers world, my family's world.....
he wasn't and isn't. Hahaha
When we first went bowling when we got married, he was so confident he was going to kick my trash. He is still sore from that day over 6 years ago. I kicked his butt so bad and since this day, I haven't let down. It is the one sport I have over him, besides any running distance over 3 miles. 

I will give it to him, his form is pretty good. 
He will ask me a few tips or asks me what my dad would do. 
I guess it is his way of "not" asking me. 

Bells fits right in to the family.

I had to laugh at the picture. Right after it was taken, he helped push the bowling ball but accidentally pushed Bells into the lane too. He grabbed anything he could to save her, which was right in the crack. Picking her straight up from the lane upside down. A very funny moment! Everybody all around was laughing. 

Mike trying hard for that back spin!

I did this all the time growing up. I really believe by moving my body the ball will move too.
Bells was impressed, mission accomplished.

Trista taking it really slow and easy. 

A few of our natural reactions after picking up a spare. 

It might be time to start her in Y.A.B.A

Trista rocked it all night long!

Bells picked up the spare and was so excited!

Thank you Pops for the great form!

Mike oh Mike

Dee was not too impressed that the pins didn't fall too easily. 

Ron trying to work his magic. 

Ron comforting Dee after just a few gutter balls. 
Dee has the best spirit though!

"Dee my dear, that is how it's done."

What a great night. It was just what the doctor ordered. 
Great friends, 
and memories!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here We Go

Yesterday I had the song Here I Go Again stuck in my head.
Why because Miah started up school again. I am not upset by it really, it will be nice to have a schedule and Bells and I can start preschool. 
Plus, the sooner we start, the sooner we are done!
But before he started his day at school...
of course he has to play legos with Bells. 

He made her a super cool car and she loved it. She carried it around all day. She wouldn't really let me fix it if it broke because Daddy makes the best cars. 

This handsome guy is ready to start D2.
I am really a lucky lady!

He got his own shot so she wanted one too. 
Apparently the new trend is wearing panties inside out. 
Please don't judge!
Have you seen Miley Cyrus? 
I think I am good to go with just inside out panties!

Late last night I went for a walk through a huge monsoon storm to check the mail. 
Look what was in there....
He PASSED his National Boards!
I knew he would. He was nervous but had no reason to be. 
It is good to have it behind us now!

The letter came to us last night because we needed to put a smile on our faces. 
I got a call that anybody would dread. A death in the family. A cousin of mine passed away yesterday morning. He was only a year and a half older than me. I hear the sobs of my mom on the other side and my heart instantly dropped. The news, the tears and the frustration. 
I slipped out of the house to go for a walk alone to check the mail. As I step outside, the storm rushed through me. The wind wrapped my hair around my face and stuck to my tears, the thunder and lightening lit up the sky and the darkness engulfed me. 
It is how I felt on the inside. I know I will see him again someday, I'm not afraid of that. I was frustrated because he was so young. He was starting to head in the right path. Because my family and I are spread across the States, unable to hug and hold each other. We tucked Bells into bed and after prayers, she whispers in my ear, I wish cousin would come back from Heavenly Father and be awake again for you. 
My heart smiled, she understands slightly. 
Life is short and too many people get caught up in crazy things. I am at fault sometimes. I try to get so many things done and WORRY WORRY WORRY. That I forget to enjoy just being alive. 
A lesson learned going into this school year. 
Enjoy life and live it each day. Be thankful that I am alive and loved. 

R.I.P Shane

Aloha 'Oe, Aloha 'Oe
Until We Meet Again

I Love You

Monday, August 26, 2013

Candy Shop Tour

After visiting The Chocolate Connection making pizzas, we were told about their factory further into town. Well we loved the shop so we decided to visit the factory and take the tour. 

My personal favorite, chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles. 
How I crave these on the holidays and hide them under my pillow when I get a batch. 
Not really, but I always want to keep them ALL to MYSELF!
I'm not a sweet person, as in candy sweet, of course I am a sweet person, but make sure you ask Bells if you want confirmation. Do not ask Miah, my sisters or that dark haired boy who sat across from me in 3rd grade. Just ask Bells. 
As I was saying, I do not have a sweet tooth but I LOVE these. 

The saliva in my mouth was working over time when we went by this station. 
Look at the huge bowl of sprinkles waiting to be tossed on fresh, smooth and yummy white chocolate!

We got LOTS of samples. Good thing we went after lunch.
Bells picked at one station a white chocolate covered marshmallow with sprinkles. 
Gross if you ask me but she liked it. 

Daddy and Bells waiting for the next stop in the delicious tour!


A large bunny made out of popcorn, I believe it was caramel or kettle corn. 
Either way, who cares, they are both scrumptious! 

Of course you would see a huge cactus made out of chocolate in Arizona!

The size of this chocolate bar....

Wait, I can't take it home?

That is fine! I will just take a bite out of it right here. 
Look at #11 and #6 teeth. They are going to slice right through that bar.

Bells was picked to remove a bunch of white chocolate peppermint candies from the mold. She had a blast. We were able to sample those too. Seriously, they melted in my mouth instantly. Amazing, just amazing. 

As of right now, it is still way to hot to go outside pretty much all day.
In fact the chocolate samples we were given in a bag, completely melted on the way home. We had to put them in the fridge. They were still good though!
Until it cools off to 100 degrees we will continue to visit museums, take tours and swim.