Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Some Painting

Bells likes to have a picture of the 3 of Us on her night stand right next to her bed. She was cleaning her room the other day and her picture frame accidentally broke. She was very upset because she broke it and that she wouldn't be able to see us when she went to bed or if she woke up at night. 
While she went to practice for the Primary Program, we went to find a picture frame that she could make her own. 

She was very excited and couldn't wait to add a splash of "Bells" to the picture frame. 

Her first choice of color was yellow. 
(notice the awesome backyard swing and gazebo Miah built)

She is concentrating really hard in this shot. I think she gets that from Grandma Tiger, the whole sticking out the tongue when making art thing. 

I was trying to give her the bigger brushes but she wouldn't take them. She wanted to cover each and every spot differently, one section at a time. I love her for that.

This is her explaining to me, every spot needs its own color. Every little spot Mommy. 

This girl loves the color Pink!

It is pretty much finished at the shot. Letting it dry was the hard part. 
Then she placed her picture of us in it and put in next to her bed. 

I love this age so much. She knows what she likes and how she likes to make art her own. 
I can just sit back and watch this beautiful little girl enjoy life.
I joined a running club, which pretty much rocks!
The other day, somebody was talking about records and accomplishments. I was teasing her about it, she said I know you have records and accomplishments but you aren't saying answer

Oh I do and the best are waiting for me at home. My husband and daughter are my biggest and proudest accomplishments. Nothing else compares. 

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